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  • Low initial deposit
  • PAMM service
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  • Wide selection of trading instruments


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Trade Forex Presents: A Comprehensive Review of InstaForex

In the world of Forex trading, InstaForex has been a prominent player since its inception in 2007. With a client base exceeding two million traders from various corners of the globe, this broker has garnered attention for its unique features and offerings. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the advantages, services, account types, regulation, bonuses, and contests offered by InstaForex. Let’s dive in!

Advantages of Trading with InstaForex

InstaForex boasts a range of enticing advantages for traders, making it a noteworthy choice in the Forex market:

  1. Minimum Deposit: InstaForex allows traders to start with a minimal deposit, making it accessible to beginners and experienced traders alike.

  2. Leverage up to 1:1000: High leverage can amplify your trading potential, and InstaForex provides leverage options up to 1:1000 for select account types.

  3. Fixed Spreads and Commissions: With accounts offering fixed spreads and commissions, traders can predict their trading costs accurately.

  4. Swap-Free Accounts: InstaForex offers swap-free accounts, catering to traders who wish to adhere to Islamic financial principles.

  5. Cent Accounts: These accounts are ideal for newcomers, allowing them to trade with smaller sums of money and minimize risk.

  6. Generous Bonuses: InstaForex entices traders with bonuses, including a whopping 250% bonus on the initial deposit for new customers.

  7. Hedging Transactions: The broker supports hedging, enabling traders to mitigate risk by opening opposite positions simultaneously.

Services Offered by InstaForex

InstaForex extends a wide range of services, enhancing the trading experience for its clients:

  • Forex Trading: InstaForex offers trading in 107 currency pairs, providing ample opportunities for currency trading.

  • Diverse Asset Selection: In addition to forex, traders can access metals, Bitcoin, CFDs on futures, and US stocks, expanding their trading portfolio.

  • Binary Options: InstaForex presents a diverse array of binary options, with 72 trading instruments. These options have a nominal value of 1 USD/EUR or 30 RUB, and traders can choose expiry times ranging from 1 minute to two weeks.

  • ForexCopy and PAMM Accounts: InstaForex facilitates social trading through ForexCopy, allowing followers to replicate successful traders’ strategies. Additionally, the broker offers PAMM accounts for investors seeking managed portfolio options.

  • InstaWallet: The InstaWallet system enables instant, commission-free fund transfers between accounts, streamlining financial transactions.

  • Web-Trader Terminal: For convenient trading directly from the browser, InstaForex offers the Web-Trader terminal.

  • VPS Server: Clients can benefit from a free VPS server, ensuring uninterrupted trading and minimizing downtime.

  • InstaForex Club Membership: Traders have the opportunity to join the InstaForex Club, unlocking additional bonuses and perks.

  • Daily Analysis: InstaForex provides daily market analysis, equipping traders with valuable insights.

  • Contests with Cash Prizes: Engage in thrilling trading contests with real cash prizes, including the chance to win luxury cars like a BMW X6 or Jaguar F-Type.

Regulation and License Considerations

It’s important to note that as of the time of this review, InstaForex does not hold any specific licenses or regulatory oversight. While the company has reportedly submitted documents to obtain a license from the Central Bank of Russia, it’s essential to exercise caution when registering with InstaForex. A subsidiary of Insta Service Ltd operates in an offshore jurisdiction and operates without state regulation, so it’s advisable to thoroughly review the contract before signing up on the InstaForex website.

Types of Trading Accounts

InstaForex offers four primary types of trading accounts tailored to different trading preferences:

  1. Insta.Standard: This standard account features fixed spreads and no commissions, with the flexibility to adjust leverage as needed.

  2. Insta.Eurica: Unique for its absence of spreads, this account relies on fees instead, making it suitable for both beginners and professional traders.

  3. Cent.Standard: Designed for beginners, this cent account offers fixed spreads and no commissions, making it an ideal choice for those starting with smaller amounts.

  4. Cent.Eurica: Similar to Cent.Standard but employing commissions instead of spreads, this account is an alternative for traders seeking minimal costs.

Binary Options at InstaForex

InstaForex introduces traders to a comprehensive binary options offering, with a variety of trading instruments. These binary options have a nominal value of 1 USD/EUR or 30 RUB and offer flexibility in expiry times, ranging from 1 minute to two weeks. With a profitability ratio of 1.8, successful trades can yield substantial rewards. InstaForex also provides a demo account for those who wish to explore binary options trading risk-free.

Bonuses Galore

InstaForex stands out with its generous bonus offerings. New customers can avail themselves of an exceptional 250% bonus on their initial deposit. However, identity document scans may be required to access this bonus. Additionally, there’s a team bonus of 100% on the first deposit. Furthermore, InstaForex offers a 55% bonus on every deposit and a 30% bonus, which can be invested in a PAMM account. Cardholders of InstaForex can enjoy extra bonuses by depositing funds, with the possibility of receiving up to 40% additional funds.

Thrilling Contests

InstaForex regularly hosts contests with tangible cash prizes and even the chance to win luxury vehicles. Here are some of the exciting contests they offer:

  • “Win a BMW X6”: Deposit $1500 and register for a chance to win a BMW X6 in a random drawing.
  • “Don’t dream it, win it!”: A Jaguar F-Type awaits traders who recharge their accounts with $1500.
  • “InstaForex Great Race”: A yearly competition with a $55,000 prize pool for demo account traders, where the winner receives $6,000 (non-withdrawable but tradable) along with profits earned.
  • “Soup as a Gift”: An account with a $500 deposit can win you one of 12 mobile phones, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or Blackberry.
  • “Sniper”: A weekly contest with a $1,500 prize for demo accounts.
  • “Lucky Trader”: Held bi-weekly for demo accounts with a $3,000 prize pool.
  • “Real Scalping”: A monthly contest for demo accounts with a $6,000 prize pool.
  • “Chancy Deposit”: Weekly random drawings among clients who deposit $3,000, with $1,000 up for grabs.
  • “One Million Option”: A weekly binary options contest among demo accounts with a $1,500 prize pool.
  • “Rally FX-1”: Held weekly on Fridays for demo accounts with a $500 prize.

Reviews Matter

Finally, InstaForex encourages clients to leave reviews, contributing to the transparency of the broker rating system. Honest reviews empower novice traders to choose reliable brokerage services while avoiding potential scams.

In conclusion, InstaForex offers a plethora of services, bonuses, and contests for traders, making it an attractive choice in