Why trust Santa

SanaIf you’ve decided to become a trader, welcome to the club. It’s a pretty dumb and rash decision, but it’s a lot of fun…

Prepare for pain and suffering, you are entering a battle. Money in the market doesn’t appear out of thin air; when you make it, someone else loses it. You can’t make money simply and consistently, there is no grail. Essentially trading is a game of risk and it doesn’t start in the market, it starts with a broker.

Stages of risk taking

Kamikaze. Forex. Getting to know the market.

This is when you are just beginning to understand technical analysis and building your trading model. At that point you realize the value of time, trading a couple of hours you can make a month’s salary. Why work then, if you can solve a financial issue in a few hours? If you are lucky enough, you will quickly multiply your deposit, but you will lose it just as quickly…

At this stage you have to fine-tune your risk management, the broker is not your best friend, he makes money off you and will encourage you to take risks. Any promotions and bonuses stimulate your excitement.

Forex is in a gray area and this market attracts companies that have little morals and are willing to take everything from you. Because of complicated and expensive regulation, good brokers are not willing to afford licenses in all jurisdictions to enter the white zone.

From personal experience, in many countries local regulation does not solve the security issue at all, but is only part of a corrupt scheme. And brokers who buy licenses no longer follow the principles of competition, they can give terrible trading conditions, making your trading unprofitable, and you will have no choice.

And here comes the dilemma, choose a dinosaur from the local market, but with regulation, or trust an offshore company?

This is a path of pain and suffering everyone will have to go through, it all depends on your jurisdiction and the political situation in the world. With this website I will try to ease your way at the initial stage, but it cannot be avoided.

Survivor. Futures. Crypto. Valuable experience.

A lot of drained deposits, scraped brokers, but now you know that you can’t keep your eggs in one basket and the lower the margin, the better the chances. Your deposit still does not allow you to earn with minimal risks, and a stable salary is not so bad…

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The Enlightened One. Where’s the money from?

Someday I’ll be here, too.

The main thing is not to make money, but not to lose it. Even the most reliable broker can go bankrupt. As long as the money isn’t under the cushion, it’s a risk.
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