How we test

In order to somehow structure all the useless information about brokers, we will define 2 important areas.
  • Trust score
  • Legal simplicity

Trust score.

This parameter includes the following information
  • Brokerage activity licensing
  • legal registration
  • client feedback
  • reliability of data, liquidity providers
  • working time

Legal simplicity.

In this assessment is the idea of control by the broker on how far he goes into verification
  • KYC/AML verification
  • Tax control
  • Deposit/withdrawal methods
  • Withdrawal speed
The more reliable a broker is, the more bureaucratic procedures and the more complicated the trading process will be. But that absolutely does not guarantee the safety of your funds, as it recently turned out that even the most reliable brokers were happy to block all the funds of their clients on national grounds due to the political situation. But who will guarantee that your country will not get into a political conflict and then the restrictions will affect you?
We will try to make the most objective review of brokers, but when choosing a broker you will have to make your own assessment based on your requirements and capabilities.